How to book our service:

1.  Contact us via whatsapp or email.
2.  To get an estimate:
·         email us at least a 1000-word sample of your document (3 to 4 pages from different sections)
·         specify the type of service required
·         specify the turnaround time

*To get an exact price, please email us the full document.

3.  Our rate depends on the following:
·         the total word count
·         the client’s language level
·         the difficulty level of the text, and
·         the turnaround time

4.  Once you have agreed with our price a 50% deposit is required before we commence work. Bear in mind, the exact price can only be determined after the full document is received.

Terms & Conditions:

We take pride in our work and always strive to deliver completed work within deadlines. To accomplish this, we need you to comply with the terms set below:
1.  To submit your document to us no later than the agreed date. Any delay on your part will, in turn, delay our returning the completed document.
2.  To pay us an extra charge on top of the quoted price if you suddenly decide to move up the deadline to an earlier date than initially agreed on. The extra charge is the urgent fee as stated in the note below.
3.  We reserve the right to decline any document submitted late to use if it is deemed disruptive to our workflow.
4.  Once your document is completed, we will invoice you for the full payment. Only after we have received the full payment will we forward to you the draft copy of your document.
5.  You will be given ample time to go through the draft and return it to us with your feedbacks and instruction on any corrections if any.
6.   If you fail to respond to us by the given time, you are deemed to have accepted the draft as the final copy and any changes requested beyond such time will not be entertained.
7.   If you request us to make further changes different from the initially assigned, you will be charged a separate fee.

  • Proofreading & Paraphrasing: English text only
  • Translation Language: Malay to English
  • Urgent Fee: Rush jobs are subject to an extra charge of 35%-50% while the extra charge for super urgent jobs can go as high as 100%.
  • Deposit: A deposit of 50% is required before we commence work.